Why MyMoneyMyQuotes.com?

MyMoneyMyQuotes is a customer centric, internet technology company driven by innovation, customer experience, ease of doing business while striving to maximize value for our consumers.

At MyMoneyMyQuotes.com, we believe in bringing best value for money to you. This is the core DNA of our belief and that is why very much reflected in our name too, “MyMoneyMyQuotes”. There is nothing more important than bringing best possible service and value to our agent business partners, by paying as little as possible.

Why are MyMoneyMyQuotes leads so much more higher quality than other lead providers?

At MyMoneyMyQuotes, we take pride in being an innovative technology driven company. Our team constantly challenges status-quo to find better ways for ease of doing business with highest possible standards to drive business value for our customers and partners.

Few ways, among many others to deliver our promise are :

  • 100% of our leads are generated utilising our proprietary technology and algorithms to drive and find consumer demand on internet, collect it and bring it to our valuable agent partners like you. For example : Our consumer demand collection website like www.MyMoneyMyQuotes.com
  • We apply rigorous algorithms for filters, technologies like artificial intelligence, BPM etc...to bring most valuable,active and ready to convert leads to you.
  • Our proprietary technology matches prospects to agents through multiple criterias to bring only most applicable leads to you for a sure shot success.
  • Our competitors recycle leads and often sell leads to upto 8 or 10 agents but we maintain a high quality and low distribution model so you have less competition and higher conversion of leads to sales.
  • Our FREE tools in agent portal allows agents to constantly optimize their custom settings and filters to drive their business goals much more efficiently.
How much does it cost to sign up?

Signing up is free and there are no monthly or annual membership fees. Our easy to use self service agent portal allows you to be up and running within 5 minutes.

Do you offer any discounts, or special pricing?

We offer discounts, promotions and special pricing from time to time. Please keep a close eye on our website, emails and of-course don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters and follow up on social media to get the latest updates.

How much do leads cost?

We offer competitive pricing for all lead types. For more detailed information, please contact a MyMoneyMyQuotes sales representative at Sales@MyMoneyMyQuotes.com , or click here

How does MyMoneyMyQuotes bill for leads?

It’s easy! Our model is "pay as you go".

You provide your credit card information when you register and add money to your account / e-wallet. For your convenience and uninterrupted lead flow, when your account balance falls below $25, your credit card will be automatically charged. We will notify you by email each time we charge your card.

What is return/refund policy of MyMoneyMyQuotes?

MyMoneyMyQuotes has the best return policy in the industry. Our commitment to high service standards means lowest industry return requests.

If you still notice a need to dispute a lead, please submit a request through our self service agent portal and we provide refunds for leads which prove to be invalid.

How long before I receive my first lead?

Our easy to use self service agent portal allows you to be up and running within 5 minutes. Once you complete your registration and account is active, our technology platform will immediately start finding leads that match your preferences and best suits your profile settings.

How do I receive MyMoneyMyQuotes leads?

Our revolutionary technology platform immediately alerts and notifies you via email for any new lead that arrives for you. For your convenience, you can also access all your leads from anywhere and at anytime in our self service agent portal.

Can I control amount of leads I receive?

Yes! You can set your maximum lead volume preference in My Profile section. You can easily choose to set a weekly maximum number for leads or choose an unlimited maximum option.

Can I make changes to my account settings after sign-up?

Yes! Our self service agent portal is designed while keeping in mind our commitment to "Ease of doing business" & "Make Your Life Easier Services". You can login anytime as per your convenience and change/update your settings for your business territories, Max leads per week, payment options and much more.

How do I sign-up for MyMoneyMyQuotes service?

It’s real simple and easy. Visit us at Agent.MyMoneyMyQuotes.com and create your account. Our easy to use self service agent portal allows you to be up and running within 5 minutes.

What is MyMoneyMyQuotes' account cancellation and refund policy?

We hope you will be a long-term partner and allow us to provide you world class service to bring more business leads to you so you can focus on what is more important for you - growing your business!

If you wish to cancel or pause or discontinue your service, there is no minimum period or spend when you work with us. You may cancel your account at any time – no questions asked.

In the unlikely event you decide to stop receiving our service, your unused account balance will be fully refunded. We may charge you 5% of your account balance as processing fee.

Note : If your refund request is for initial deposit and your account was awarded free money through promotion gift card as a match to your initial deposit, then any leads charged to the promotion gift card money will be charged to your initial deposit amount and any remaining amount after that will be refunded back to you.

Still have more questions?

Everything that we do is about YOU and your success. Our experts work very hard to simplify complex world of insurance for our our valued insurance agents while driving ease of doing business mantra.

Please feel free to ask any question through our contact us page or email at Sales@MyMoneyMyQuotes.com